Community hypotheses about semantics of unnatural radio signals received from Cygnus constellation

At this page we will collect community hypotheses about semantics of signals received from Cygnus constellation appeared in discussions at our chat server.

Images annotated with their meaning using overlay
Script used for the annotations
Author and maintainer: pink-snow

Molecule Identifiers

Author: josiah_wi
Submitted: UTC 14 Jun 2020 20:54

Messages 5-7 appear to be establishing symbols to stand in place of common molecular formulas. Each row consists of a number glyph with the bit in the upper left corner set, followed by a molecular structure. We shall interpret these glyphs as an identifier (written as mn where n is the number the glyph represents). The following list is ordered by the m-identifiers. Each row has an m-identifier followed by a molecular formula and the compound's name.

  • m9 = C3H5O2 (2-carboxyethyl)
  • m16 = CH4 (methane)
  • m17 = NH3 (ammonia)
  • m18 = H2O (water)
  • m20 = C2H6N (1-aminoethyl)
  • m28 = N2 (triple bond)
  • m29 = CH2-CH3 (ethyl)
  • m30 = CH2-NH2 (1-amine-)
  • m31 = CH2-OH (hydroxymethyl)
  • m32 = O2 (double bond)
  • m44 = C2H5O (1-hydroxyethyl)
  • m45 = C2H5O (2-hydroxyethyl)
  • m46 = SiO2 (silicon dioxide)
  • m48 = O3 (ozone)
  • m56 = C2H2NO (glycyl radical residue)
  • m58 = C2H4NO (2-amino-2-oxoethyl)
  • m59 = C2H3O2 (carboxymethyl)
  • m72 = C3H6NO (3-amino-3-oxopropyl)
  • m82 = Al2O3 (aluminium oxide)
  • m84 = C4H9 (isobutyl)
  • m85 = NNaO3 (sodium nitrate)
  • m86 = C3H8N3 (unknown)
  • m87 = C4H7O2 (butanoic acid)
  • m95 = MgCl2 (magnesium dichloride)
  • m100 = C4H10N3 (3-carbamimidamidopropyl)
  • m104 = Fe2O3 (ferric oxide)
  • m118 = C7H7 (benzyl group)
  • m134 = C7H7O (4-hydroxybenzyl)
  • m328 = FeO (ferrous oxide)

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